Keep Calm and Remodel On

A home is where our heart is and we love the things that we add to it. However, over time, homes need remodeling that is often daunting. Why? Remodeling takes time and big bucks. So what should you do to glam up your home without going bankrupt at the same time?

Remodel Home

To remodel your old house, you need to be creative as well as resourceful. Read on to get some amazing ideas for to bring that liveliness back like never before:

· Go creative with the doors and the knobs: Doors are the last things we think about when remodeling. The truth is, a little bit of pixie dust is all they need. Well, no, not literally. Just painting the doors a funky color and swapping the knobs for their quirky cousins can seal the deal for you. Do not forget they play such a special role when it comes to painting the first impression of your home.

· Give a thought to Mirrors – Have a wall that stares right back at you in your face? Change the vibe of it by adding a huge mirror and if it is within your means, go for the elegant designs that add a touch of class to your interior. Mirrors can be the game changer in the entire look of a room. So bring’ em out of the bathroom and closets and set your imagination free.

· Pop the Neon Out – Neon colors have their own mind, we believe. And with that they can turn around a room on its own heels. So, if you can’t seem to make up your mind about anything, a dash and a pop of neon is just what you need.

· Do your own DIY- Ok, this one is only as big as your imagination. You can start anywhere and stop nowhere. DIY-ing is good for soul and the perk of getting your hands into things? You will have one-of-a-kind pieces adorning your humble abode!

· Go for crown moulding- With crown moulding, you can add a sense of completion to your rooms. It brings the walls and the ceiling together turning your old-worn-house into a perfect one. Plus, it doesn’t cost you much, which is an added advantage of crown moulding.

· Modernize your Kitchen – Kitchens is one of the most crucial areas of a home, for obvious reasons. It is the area people emphasize more to judge a house. Install add-ons such as hanging shelves, rolls, cutlery trays to add more storage in your kitchen area. Also, add a flavor of luxury to your kitchen by fixing your electrical appliance in the cabinets.

· Re-enamel your Bathroom – Do away with the rust and polish from your bathroom walls and decorate them with color of your choice. If you’ve a bath tub, replace it with new iron cast bathtubs with complementary basins, accessories and pedestals. This will give your bathroom a brand-new look making it more comfortable.

· Clean up the Surplus – De-cluttering is the food for soul. Don’t believe it? Try to give away things you do not need. Suddenly you have a lot more space than you thought and may be some extra cash too! For all of you wondering what an extra space can do, how about you add some home library or office and improve the entire home experience!

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